Building Powerful English Language Skills for  Ambitious Mining Industry Professionals

When you download my eBook PDF you will learn the difference between advanced English speakers and “natural” or fluent English speakers. You will learn the most effective way to express yourself in English.

Your boss, colleagues, and business partners will be impressed with your natural, yet professional, style.

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Topics I Discuss


English Skills

Do you need to improve your grammar? Vocabulary? Pronunciation? Speaking Patterns? No problems!


Natural Style

Natural speakers of English have mastered the nuances of language and speaking patterns to become effective communicators. Want to know more?



Understand how culture impacts communication in English and how you can navigate the cultural divide with ease. Sound interesting?


Technical Language

Whether you are a geologist, engineer, manager or technician, you will need to access a specific vocabulary set and language style. Is this your difficulty?



Leadership is all about communication. If you are not confident in English, this will affect your leadership skills. Take control by improving your English skills now.


IELTS Preparation

Are you planning to work overseas? Study overseas? If you plan to relocate to an English speaking country, you may need to do an IELTS test. 


Resumes & Job Interviews

Do you need to nail job interviews in English to get the job you are dreaming of? Learn how.



Maybe you just need extra practice in English to build your confidence in a safe space. You’ll get that here (and have fun while doing it)!

We All Need Help to Navigate the Skills that Ignite Our Career Success

About Me

I’m Kirsten Smith.
I Help Non-Native English Speaking Mining/Minerals Industry Professionals Build Their Career Dreams.

I worked as a geologist/development chemist/metallurgist/senior process engineer (expat) in the mining industry for more than 20 years.

I saw first-hand the struggles non-native speakers have in effective communication in English.

This is holding them back from reaching their full potential and I have been actively working with motivated people who have taken charge of their English skills and seen the career benefits first hand.

English is rapidly becoming a required skill for people to advance in mining, and most industries if I am honest. If I can help people learn the skills they need to allow them to showcase their talent instead of avoiding communication, peoples worlds will shift. Imagine. I do.

Kirsten Smith


What Clients Are Saying

“Kirsten is one of the most enlightening people I’ve ever worked with. She has made me improve my English communication skills with her perfectly tailored program for my specific needs. Her professional background and coaching/mentoring abilities provide significant advantage to the sessions for the best outcome. If you need to increase your Business English skills, I highly recommend working with a professional like Kirsten. She will challenge you to become the best version of yourself. Thank you Kirsten for all your help and I wish you the best.”

Serkan, Process Engineer

“I had the pleasure of being a student in Kirsten's speaking program. Throughout the course, we engaged in many enriching conversations, one of which focused on the Panama Cobre mine closure. Kirsten's teaching not only expanded my vocabulary and language structures but also deepened my understanding of Australian culture. Her unwavering support, kindness, and punctuality created a well-structured learning environment that greatly enhanced my overall experience. Kirsten is truly a remarkable teacher, and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone seeking an exceptional English educator

Danyal, Metallurgical Engineer

"I had great days during Kirsten's 10-week program. The program covered several aspects of the English language and leadership, from rhythm and intonation to technical aspects of mining (in my case, specifically uranium and REE). The feeling of constantly having "aha!" moments brings a wonderful sense of progress. Additionally, Kirsten is a very kind and pleasant person, always willing to accommodate tight and dynamic schedules."

Iago, Geophysicist [MSc & BSc]

"Kirsten is a very competent business English coach and definitely very instructive in her classes. Since I met her, I have learned new information about the mining industry that I have enjoyed and improved my speaking skills. I was looking forward to all the classes. If you want to improve your technical knowledge and business English, you should definitely meet Kirsten."

Zeynep, Sales Support Engineer