Asynchronous Speaking Programs

Do you need to quickly improve your fluency and comprehension of technical English to unlock opportunities in the mining industry?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or bored with traditional English classes that don’t relate to your professional work?


Is your already hectic schedule as a mining professional making it hard to commit to regular English classes?


 Asynchronous speaking programs afford you the ability to radically improve your English skills in the most efficient way!

Expand your vocabulary, grammar and topic knowledge by watching/listening to pre-session learning materials developed by me each week.


Improve your speaking fluency by engaging in lively discussions/debates on issues that are topical in TODAY’S industry.


Impress your colleagues with your industry knowledge and your English speaking skills.


You know that you need to focus on the skills (vocabulary, functional language, communication style and topics) that you need in the workplace today in order to see the most effective transformation in your English communication skills.

Inside each 4-week program

Topical, mining industry-related content. 

Interactive discussion opportunities. 

Private, personalised feedback to guide you to rapidly improve your speaking skills.

  • A 5-10 minute weekly podcast English lesson by me, focusing on the vocabulary and grammar you need to excel at your own speaking prompt. 
  • Participate in 6 private speaking tasks in the first 3 weeks with guided prompts to follow.
  • Receive personalised feedback from me on all tasks with an opportunity to re-record your answer based on the feedback.
  • Join in the interactive discussion task in week 4 with the group. 
  • Unlimited support from me by Telegram throughout the 4 weeks.
  • A workbook to take notes and track your improvement.

he cost for each 4 Week Speaking Program is USD$ 100.


It’s time to take a month off talking about the boring-old mining industry! Let’s shake things up with a general English program. 🪇

This month, we will take a close look at language learning.  We will explore:

🦄First, we will explore what is fluency in a language and how can people achieve it? 

🏆 Then, we will deep dive into the benefits of learning a language

💥Finally we will wrap it up with exploring what will help us to  overcome the difficulties/challenges that learning a language inevitably brings.

Go beyond boring textbook lessons. I will lead you through a deep dive into the process of language learning, modelling natural English conversation skills that will help you to transform your English in just one month.

Places are limited. Enrol today to secure your spot and transform your spoken English fluency within a month!

 Enrolment closes at 11.59 pm on 4/05/2024

May 2024


When does each speaking program start?

Each speaking program will begin on the first of the month. If you purchase a month’s program on the 1-4th of a new month, you will be added to the current month’s program. 

If you purchase a month’s program after the 4th of the month, you will automatically be added to the next month’s program. If you wish to make alternative arrangements, email me directly.

Do I have to join in the group activities, or can I just do the private part of the program?

It is completely up to you. However, the benefit of joining in group activities are considerable. You will overcome fear more quickly, you will make new connections and you will get much more out of the program.

Why should I buy this program now?

Improving speaking skills can take time. It takes regular, structured practice to see real benefits. By focusing on the communication skills you need, you will rapidly transform your confidence in your speaking abilities. However you will still need some extra time to expand your vocabulary and grammar skills in order to approach fully-natural English. The sooner you start to speak, the quicker the transformation WILL occur.

Will I improve my grammar in this program?

This is a fluency-focused program. There is no direct activity for improving grammar or vocabulary. However, these skills will naturally be improved indirectly as you use your skills daily. And this will be included in the feedback stage of the program if needed.

What platform do you use for these programs?

All communications are sent and received on the Telegram app. There will be a group chat available for asking any questions and getting to know each other, as well as the 4th week’s discussion task. However all other tasks (including feedback) is done with me in a private chat.

I have a really busy schedule. Do I need to be available at a set time?

No. This is the real benefit of this kind of program. You can do the activity at any time of the day that suits you. It takes just 10-15 minutes a day. And if you cannot do it one day, you can catch up on the next day. Each week will have 1-1.5 hours of work in total, but spread out in small amounts each day, so you can fit it around the busiest schedule.

I am not sure my English level is high enough for this program.

The real benefit of this kind of program is that everyone will be at different levels, but everyone will get the same benefit from the activities. You will need to be at an intermediate level in order to understand the videos, podcasts and articles. If you are at a pre-intermediate level of English, you can contact me and I we can discuss your situation individually to see if this will be suitable.

If you don’t know what your current level of English is, and what solution will be best for you, take my free online placement test here to get an instant result. It takes about 15 minutes.