We All Need Help Sometimes to Realize What We Want Most.

Why use a Language coach?

A language coach is a highly trained and experienced professional that will help to guide you through the complex language learning journey.

Using one will take a lot of the guesswork out of the learning process and free your time and energy to allow you to use it where you need it most.

“Confident communication doesn't come from knowing every word or every grammar rule that exists. Confident communication comes from using what you already have in the most effective way. ”

Kirsten Smith

Main Services


One-on-one Communication Coaching

This is my signature course that will give you the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE outcomes. Enjoy a personally tailored 1-1 program built around YOUR needs. Enjoy the A-HA moments that come regularly through the program.

Can include job interview preparation courses/IELTS skills  if you need it.


Online Courses

You’re a busy professional, right? Online courses give you the flexibility to improve your English on YOUR schedule so you can effectively manage your job AND improve your English. Why not bundle it with a speaking program for a well-rounded outcome?


Asynchronous Speaking Programs

Working with a teacher or in a group has never been so flexible. Learn by listening to, and sharing short voice recordings. Receive personal feedback in private and share in group activities as well.


Self-Study eBooks

If you are just looking to study on your own but don’t know where to begin, check out my eBooks. 

If you just need some motivation or insights to compliment your own hard work, the answer may be in here.


What Clients Are Saying

“Kirsten is one of the most enlightening people I’ve ever worked with. She has made me improve my English communication skills with her perfectly tailored program for my specific needs. Her professional background and coaching/mentoring abilities provide significant advantage to the sessions for the best outcome. If you need to increase your Business English skills, I highly recommend working with a professional like Kirsten. She will challenge you to become the best version of yourself. Thank you Kirsten for all your help and I wish you the best.”

Serkan, Process Engineer

"Kirsten is a very competent business English coach and definitely very instructive in her classes. Since I met her, I have learned new information about the mining industry that I have enjoyed and improved my speaking skills. I was looking forward to all the classes. If you want to improve your technical knowledge and business English, you should definitely meet Kirsten."

Zeynep, Sales Support Engineer

"I had great days during Kirsten's 10-week program. The program covered several aspects of the English language and leadership, from rhythm and intonation to technical aspects of mining (in my case, specifically uranium and REE). The feeling of constantly having "aha!" moments brings a wonderful sense of progress. Additionally, Kirsten is a very kind and pleasant person, always willing to accommodate tight and dynamic schedules."


“Kirsten is very professional. She takes care of all details and exerts a lot of efforts to let the client satisfied and reach his goals. I totally recommend her for every one need to be more efficient.”