1-1 Communication Programs

Virtual programs can provide innovative learning solutions to rapidly overcome the specific difficulties YOU are facing.

A 10 week Communication Program – if you need to take your English communication to the next level to break out of your current situation, check this program out. Work 1-1 with me for 1-1.5 hours a week to deep-dive into effective use of the language. You no longer have to sound like a language learner, but will transition to a natural language user.

If you don’t know what your current level of English is, and what solution will be best for you, take my free online placement test here to get an instant result. It takes about 15 minutes.

If you are not sure what steps will work best for you, book a free 30 minute strategy session with me now. I will be able to get a better understanding of your unique situation and make the best suggestion for you to achieve the outcomes you are looking for. Don’t delay.

10 Week Communication Program

– Have you been learning English for a while, but you don’t sound “natural” when you speak or write?

– Are you missing out on promotions or getting new jobs because your English is holding you back?

– Do you feel that your presentations/communications at work are not achieving what you want (or need) them to?

You know you need to improve your communication skills in English for work or you will not be able to get the promotion, get the international job or have the career you dream of. 

But you don’t know how.

When you complete this program your colleagues and clients will easily understand you when you speak in English. Enhance your ability to express yourself and communicate ideas effectively, reducing miscommunications. Gain a reputation as a highly effective communicator in the workplace, paving the way for accelerated career advancement.

Inside each 10-week program

You will deep-dive into how to effectively match your communication style to each situation/culture to maximise the impact of your words. 

  • Each program starts with 2 weeks of building blocks (use of idioms, indirect/direct, formal/informal communication and phrasal verbs) that will take your communication from advanced to natural.
  • Each program is personally tailored for YOUR needs.
  • You can focus on speaking or writing in each program to maximise outcomes.
  • Sessions can be built around technical topics (transition to green energy, critical minerals, process safety, geology, mineral processing, health & safety, chemistry, current state of play in the industry).
  • Unlimited support by email/WhatsApp during the 10 weeks.
  • Additional support materials and feedback can be provided for you to work as hard as you like during the program.
Price for the complete program is USD$ 750, however if the program is paid in full, a USD$ 50 discount will be applied to the cost, for a total cost of USD$ 700.
Self enrolment in this program is not available as your English level and needs must be verified prior to enrolment. Also, there are only a limited number of programs open at any time. Scheduling must be done in person to ensure a place on the program is currently available. Register your interest here and I will contact you shortly to arrange a re-program evaluation.


I am not sure my English level is high enough for this program.

This program is for English speakers at a level of upper-intermediate or advanced. You can use my free online placement test (above) to immediately find out your current English level if you need. If your English level is not yet upper-intermediate, there may be better options for you. Schedule a strategy-session with me for tailored suggestions based on YOUR situation.


Why should I buy this program now?

This program will reshape the way you think about using English in the workplace. You will transition from focusing on whether you have used the right word, or made any grammar mistakes to being able to critically evaluate the effectiveness of your communication as a whole. This will unlock your motivation and confidence in a way you never thought possible. Who knows where it will take you? The sooner you start, the sooner you will see the benefits first-hand.


Will 10 weeks be enough to see this kind of improvement?

This program is designed to rapidly reshape your communication skills. It will encourage you to be able to use and build on these skills after the 10 weeks without requiring a language tutor/coach. As your skills increase, your dependency on a tutor decrease.

However, you can always elect to continue with another program or a more informal coaching arrangement if there is more you wish to explore. You don’t have to do it all alone.


How will you tailor the program for me?

Before each program, I recommend a free 30 minute strategy session. In this session, I can better understand your current level and the challnges you wish to overcome. I can find out about how you need to use English in the workplace and I can make personal recommendations for what should be covered in the 10 weeks. The program is always developed with you, so you will have many opportunities to discuss your needs as we go.