I’m Kirsten Smith. I Help Mining/Minerals Industry professionals transform their English communication so they can realise their dreams

This business has been built from my experience of more than 25 years as a geologist/development chemist/process engineer in the Mining and Minerals Processing industry.

I have spent a lot of my working time, either traveling to, or working in non-English speaking countries and I have helped countless people overcome their barriers (and fears) with English communication.

I left the mining industry in 2021 to focus on improving my skills to support people on this journey. In this way, I feel I can better provide the courses/coaching to reach as many people as possible.

I am also a mother to an energetic young daughter and together with my husband, we have embarked on our own journey of language and culture. We have left Malaysia (our home for the last 7 years) and are currently living in Cairo, while my husband pursues his higher education in the Arabic language.

English is rapidly becoming a required skill for people to advance in mining, and most industries if I am honest. If I can help people learn the skills they need to allow them to showcase their talent instead of avoiding communication, peoples worlds will shift. Imagine. I do.

Kirsten Smith

Topics I Can Help You With


English Skills

Do you need to improve your grammar? Vocabulary? Pronunciation? Speaking Patterns? No problems!


Natural Style

Natural speakers of English have mastered the nuances of language and speaking patterns to become effective communicators. Want to know more?



Understand how culture impacts communication in English and how you can navigate the cultural divide with ease. Sound interesting?.


Technical Language

Whether you are a geologist, engineer, manager or technician, you will need to access a specific vocabulary set and language style. Is this your difficulty?



Leadership is all about communication. IF you are not confident in English, this will affect your leadership skills. Take control by improving your English skills now.


IELTS Preparation

Are you planning to work overseas? Study overseas? If you plan to relocate to an English speaking country, you may need to do an IELTS test. 


Resumes & Job Interviews

Do you need to nail job interviews in English to get the job you are dreaming of? Learn how.



Maybe you just need extra practice in English to build your confidence in a safe space. You’ll get that here (and have fun while doing it)!