Applying for international jobs is a whole different ball game from local jobs

Applying for international jobs is a whole different ball game compared to applying for local jobs.

While both require a well-crafted resume, a good cover letter, and a solid online presence, there are some key differences you should be aware of when applying for international positions.

First and foremost, language skills are even MORE important when it comes to international jobs. In many countries, fluency in the local language is a must, so be sure to mention any language skills you have on your resume and cover letter. And English is the global language of business, so mastering that is a must.

(You might also want to consider taking a language proficiency test to show your skills.)

Another major difference is the application process itself. In some countries, applications are done through the post, whereas in others, you can apply directly through the company’s website. It’s important to research the company’s preferred method of application and follow their instructions carefully.

Cultural awareness and understanding is also a critical factor when applying for international jobs. In many countries, business practices and etiquette may be quite different from what you’re used to, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with local customs and traditions. Doing your research and having a clear understanding of the local business culture can go a long way in impressing potential employers.

Lastly, international job applications often require MORE documentation than local job applications. You may need to provide proof of your education, work experience, and even your identity. Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready before you start your job search.

While the process of applying for international jobs can be a bit more challenging, the rewards can be well worth it.

Whether it’s the opportunity to work in a new and exciting country, get access to job opportunities not available in your home country or improve your living conditions, the benefits of working abroad are many.

As a mining/minerals industry professional, there are so many opportunities in many locations at the moment (Australia, Canada, Europe, Saudi Arabia…).

So, if you’re looking for a new adventure and learning opportunities, consider applying for an international job today!

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