Yes, Speaking English Can Be Terrifying. You Can Do It Anyway!

If the thought of opening your mouth to speak English makes you break out in a cold sweat, you’re not alone!

Many learners deal with paralyzing anxiety about sounding imperfect, making mistakes, or freezing up entirely.

First, know that fear is totally normal. English is hard! You’re bravely using completely foreign mouth-noises to communicate. That’s freaky stuff!

But avoid letting shyness win.

The more you hide, the scarier it gets.

Like seeing a spider and wanting to burn the house down to avoid it. Drastic, but it FEELS rational.

Similarly, skip the crazy things your anxiety might tell you to avoid speaking up.

Faking sudden laryngitis with elaborate coughing fits.

Hiding under tables whenever conversation strikes up.

Moving to Siberia and changing your name to avoid saying “Hello, I’m…”

Exaggerated? Yes. But anxiety has a flair for the dramatic. Recognize those irrational fears for what they are. Then act anyway.

Making mistakes is how w learn. Words will come out funny. Grammar gets mangled accidentally. You’ll survive! Smile, try again, and celebrate small wins.

Speaking up often takes courage. But you’ve got this! With practice, you can gain confidence in conversation. The more English you bravely use, the easier and less scary it becomes.

So open your mouth. Let sounds emerge! They don’t have to be perfect yet. You can build English speaking skills step-by-step. Fear of mistakes means you care. Now, go give speaking your best shot anyway!

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